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Finding Customers Ready to Buy

deal Furniture is an Ireland-based furniture sales company that focuses on high-end clientele. While the company had a solid reputation, its marketing team wasn’t making progress in building awareness and increasing sales through social media channels. They’d gotten started by creating their business profiles, but the results were almost nil. The team needed help building their audience.

I started by getting to know the Ideal Furniture team and their audience. By clearly identifying the target audience, I was able to begin developing content that would speak to that audience.

First though, I needed to attract that audience to Ideal Furniture’s social pages. In a period of two months, I built their Facebook following from just 129 fans to nearly 4000. Further, I increased the company’s Twitter following by 585 percent.

With the social following increased, I implemented a Facebook ad campaign that produced over 6x return on ad spend over the period of over 1 year. This generated almost $1 mil in revenue in the first year running multiple campaigns. 

I then went on to develop a coupon sweepstakes program that to this day brings in about 27 percent of Ideal Furniture’s sales.

The Ideal Furniture team has seen an astronomical jump in sales since working with me. Overall, their revenue has increased by 341 percent, and the social and web pages now get 40.25 percent more traffic than they did before working with us. On Twitter alone, my winning sales propositions have meant that every third customer with whom the team interacts has become either a customer or a very strong lead.

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