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Celebration Box is an online gift-boxing website founded in 2018. When the owner first approached Mark Wolf from Peachly, the business had just launched and was struggling to make an impact. After crunching the numbers and diving into the analytics, our team came up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would rocket Celebration Box’s visibility and sales.

Our plan focused on leveraging digital PR, content marketing, influencer campaigns, and paid social ads. Over the next few weeks, our efforts began to pay off as we saw an impressive increase in web traffic with orders growing from 10-20 per day to a staggering 3000 orders within 6 weeks of launch.

The success story was also featured in multiple popular publications such as Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes. The strong media presence created by Agency allowed Celebration Box to become the go-to destination for customized gifting.

At Peachly we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients reach their goals and surpass them with flying colors. We are thrilled to have played a part in helping Celebration Box become the success it is today.

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